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Too Few Results
Try a less restrictive search - use fewer search criteria or a more general spelling. For example, instead of John and Doe, try Jo and Do, or omit the Degree Year.

If you’re searching for John Smith who works at McKinsey & Co in Hamburg, Germany, try searching on John Smith in Germany. Maybe he’s moved out of Hamburg or no longer works at McKinsey. Or try McKinsey rather than McKinsey & Co.

Too Many Results
Try a more restrictive search - use more search criteria. For example, try using the Degree Year or the Home City to narrow down the results list.

Sorting Your Results
By default, your Search Results are listed in alphabetical order by Last Name. You may click on any of the column headings to sort your Search Results by Last Name, First Name, Year, Employer, or Location.

Last Name and Maiden Name
Searching on the Last Name field will search on current last name as well as maiden name.

Civic / Corporate Affiliations include involvement in specific social, non-profit, and / or professional organizations such as church organizations, volunteer groups, social clubs, and professional organizations.

Professional Interests refer to a person’s interests in a professional field outside of their employment. For example, if you’re searching for alumni in Real Estate, you may search on Real Estate in both the Professional Interest and Industry (Employment) fields.

Private Information / Hidden Fields
Only fields populated with information will appear in the alum’s profile. So, for example, if the alum does not have a Job Title on file, Job Title will not appear under the alum's Primary / Current Employer Information section.
Alumni are also given the option to “hide” certain data elements of their personal profile such as nickname, country of origin, contact information, work information, etc. These hidden data elements will not be viewable in the online directory.
Alumni who have chosen to hide information will have the following statement at the bottom of their profile page: “This alum has chosen to keep some information private.”

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