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Matt Levatich '94

Keita Suzuki '09

Just days before Keita Suzuki '09 left Japan to begin his first year at Kellogg, his 3-year-old son Kai was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Although doctors determined that Kai was "high-functioning," the diagnosis shook Suzuki.

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Alex Woodthorpe '95

Huma Gruaz '08

When Huma Gruaz '08 moved to the United States in 1996 after a multi-year stay in Holland, she was the mother of a toddler, pregnant with her second child, and without any U.S.-based work experience.

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Cheryl Hyman '06

George Bischof '94

George Bischof's '94 fingerprints can be found on a few game-changing companies — Facebook, Zipcar and, as well as on such core IT companies as and Fusion-io.

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